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Hire A Stripper Booking Form

BP Strippers is the premiere stripper hiring company in the USA. We serve every city in the nation for all of your stripper hiring needs. We have stripper bookings for all types of events; bachelor parties for the bachelor waiting to tie the knot, graduation parties for the new grad getting ready to enter the workforce, birthday parties for the birthday boy (or birthday girl), divorce parties for the new bachelor who wants to party, and parties... just for the sake of having a party!

Fill out the simple form below and include the address you are having your party, pay the small deposit and you will receive a confirmation email. This is all you have to do to hire a stripper for your party! The only thing left is to pay the stripper the remaining balance upon arrival and you and your friends will be ready to party with a sexy stripper from BP Strippers!

Looking to hire strippers in the UK? CLICK HERE to use this form.

We Look Forward To Partying With you!

BP Strippers hires only the best female strippers. We have a rigorous stripper hiring process that ensures our strippers are the best in the industry. Once we receive a stripper application, we do a personal interview to determine personality.  We hire the top 1% of female strippers in the Nation!

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