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​Albuquerque Strippers For Hire

​Hire Albuquerque Strippers

​Albuquerque, New Mexico

If you are in Albuquerque for a bachelor party, bachelorette party, graduation party, birthday party, or any other celebration, and you want to have a wild and crazy time, call BP Strippers for a hot and sexy Albuquerque stripper. When you rent a stripper, you can have a permanent impact on your guests, and they will remember this party for a lifetime. Our female strippers in Albuquerque are the hottest in the US and will leave nothing up for your imagination. If you are a single man or a bachelor, an Albuquerque stripper or Albuquerque Strippers is perfect for your party. Whether you want a stripper for yourself or if you are the best man getting a stripper for the bachelor, we can help you find the perfect strippers in Albuquerque.​

​Albuquerque Birthday Party Strippers 🎉​

​If you or your friend is having a birthday party, this is another perfect occasion to hire an Albuquerque female stripper. Albuquerque, NM is the perfect place to have a landmark birthday party, whether an 18th birthday party, 21st birthday party, 30th birthday party, 40th birthday party, 50th birthday party, or even 60th birthday party; hot and sexy female strippers are the perfect way to celebrate!

Hot Albuquerque strippers will come to your home, hotel, or event venue dressed how you like, a delivery woman, firewoman, police officer, or businesswoman/boss. When she arrives, give in and play along. Let yourself free in New Mexico, with strippers in Albuquerque. You want to make sure that the guest of honor (bachelor, birthday boy, or the person who is paying) has the most attention from the stripper and gets a private dance from a sexy exotic dancer 😉. Want a stripper to come to an Albuquerque, NM club or bar of your choice? No problem! Our Albuquerque strippers will come almost anywhere you can think of!

​Unforgettable Female Stripper Experience​

Have a grad party in Albuquerque and looking for something fun and memorable? Hire a stripper in Albuquerque from BP Strippers and never look back. You will wish you had thought of doing this years ago! You will have so much fun at your Albuquerque graduation party without Albuquerque Strippers that you will forget you even went to school!

No matter if you are celebrating in Albuquerque, one thing is for sure. You should hire an Albuquerque Stripper from BP Strippers to make sure you have the most memorable and incredible time while in Albuquerque! Don't visit Albuquerque without seeing what the Albuquerque strippers have to offer. Other stripper companies only value looks but our strippers ARE sexy, fit, and hot but ALSO have fun, great personalities!

Our Albuquerque strippers come from different backgrounds, poor, wealthy, and middle class; have different personalities, very different experiences, and views. However, among all of the differences between our Albuquerque strippers, one thing remains constant. All of the Albuquerque strippers have a goal of serving you and putting on the best, most memorable strip show of your dreams. All of our exotic dancers in Albuquerque share this common trait, and we make sure that is the number one goal and value.


To help with your quest in finding the hottest strippers in Albuquerque here are some common search terms:

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Are you interested in having a great paying and fun career for yourself in Albuquerque, NM? Consider partnering with the best Albuquerque stripper company and become an exotic dancer for BP Strippers. You will not only make great money, wonderful tips, and a fun work environment but you get the knowledge that you are supported by the best stripper company in the US. We take care of our employees and do everything we can to ensure your total happiness. Please note that we only accept those applicants for our stripper jobs who are trying to be the absolute best strippers in Albuquerque. If you are not fully dedicated to being the best and making a dent, please do not apply. Don’t let this discourage you from applying for our Albuquerque employment, however. We just have high expectations for our strippers! 

Click Here To Apply To Join Our Stripper Team!

BP Strippers has a price package for every bachelor party, graduation party, birthday party, or boy's night out need and budget. We have helped countless people to plan their parties and to hire strippers for hundreds of different reasons (including no reason at all)! 

Female Exotic Dancer Rates

Female Strippers

  • $250 + tips are the starting price under 10 miles from the local metro area

    • 45 + Minutes ​

Female Strippers

  • $300 + tips are the starting price over 10 miles from the local metro area

    • 45 + Minutes​

Female Strippers

  • $350 + tips are the starting price over 30 miles from the local metro area

    • ​45 + Minutes

Female Strippers

  • $450 + tips are the starting price over 50 miles from the local metro area

    • ​45 + Minutes

Female Strippers

  • $500 + tips are the starting price over 75 miles from the local metro area

    • ​45 + Minutes

Special Stripper Options​

Major Metro Areas


Click to see our major metro service areas or contact us via email or phone with any questions you have. To inquire about package deals, custom stripper orders, or discount inquiries, give us a call at our number above. Stripper satisfaction is guaranteed!

Even if your city is not listed, we can still serve you. All cities listed in the 'Service Locations' section are within our metro service areas. This means that they will be option 1 on the booking form and no additional travel charge is required! If your city is not listed and you are not located in a major metro area, there is an additional travel charge for mileage from the metro area when hiring your stripper. Please calculate the distance from the nearest major metro area listed on the 'Service Locations' page and choose the correct option on the booking form!

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A little Albuquerque Stripper history! 

Commonly referred to as Albuquerque strippers or Albuquerque ‘go-go girls’, are those women who take off their clothes for men (and sometimes women) for a living and nowadays prefer to be called ‘exotic dancers. Albuquerque exotic dancers are a true art form with the human body that built Albuquerque establishments. They work in places called Albuquerque strip clubs or Albuquerque strip joints, but their Albuquerque bachelor party or Albuquerque bachelorette party clientele prefers to call their business by the more elegant name of Albuquerque gentlemen’s clubs. The bottom line is that Albuquerque female strippers get paid to dance and entertain men with their suggestive moves and sexy bodies with as little clothing as possible and without getting arrested, NJ! In locations where laws allow, they dance in completely nude strip clubs as well. Regardless of the style, the field of Albuquerque stripping is dominated by female strippers. Male strippers, Hunk-O-Mania, make up less than 1/3 of the professional stripping and adult entertainment community. Hunk-O-Mania and Muscle Men Male Strippers have locations in 23 cities throughout the United States. There are 100 times more female strip clubs in the US than male strip clubs.

Back in the 14th century, anthropologists found the advent of erotic dancing (stripping) that began in the Middle East, in the art form of belly dancing. Not a thread of clothing was removed in these Albuquerque Clubs, but with the hip and pelvic furious movements, belly dancing was meant to induce pleasure of a sexual nature in men and became extremely popular in the Albuquerque Nightlife Scene because, let us face it, sex sells. Audience members would throw coins at the dancers representing the first-time female strippers for hire in Albuquerque and be paid money for their erotic dancing and stripping services. They made trips with dollar bills, not coins, at these female Strip Clubs and Stripper for hire bachelor events. During this time, erotic dancing was also common in the temples of India but in the form of sacred rituals. Male and Female Strippers in Albuquerque are hired for private events including, Albuquerque bachelor parties & Albuquerque bachelorette parties, and also work at Strip Clubs in Albuquerque in their spare time.

Albuquerque Burlesque Shows

Forward to more modern times where erotic dancing and strippers have blossomed in Albuquerque (more like exploded). From Albuquerque to Great Britain in the late 1800s - early 1900s, with the rise of British burlesque homes, they influenced Strippers in Albuquerque. An English dancer, comedian, actress, and theatrical producer became one of the most famous burlesque dancers on the stage in London! In the beginning, burlesque performances incorporated a whole act with a combination of music, singing, humor, dance, theatrics, and sexual innuendo; women undressing sensually were only a portion of the burlesque show. That Burlesque dancer is credited with bringing it to America in 1868 with her troupe of “British Blondes' performing in Albuquerque theaters and performance houses. Her performances involved chorus lines of beautiful and scantily clad women that sometimes involved audience intimacy without any contact. No doubt, the burlesque industry in Albuquerque quickly discovered that the main attraction was sex and it was included in the shows! Over time, burlesque shows began focusing mainly on suggestive sexual dances similar to what strippers do in Strip Clubs today. The routines turned very raunchy and girls became more uninhibited, the acts became more risqué. Of course, in the day and time, we are living in, thankfully strippers and strip clubs have become so mainstream, and not another thought is given to the sensual nature. Strip clubs today are just amazing places to have an incredibly fun time and hang out with friends while discovering some very sexy strippers!

Hire The Best Albuquerque Strippers

People searching for Albuquerque strippers, Albuquerque strip clubs, strippers near me, Albuquerque exotic dancers, and Albuquerque female strippers hope to discover the best Albuquerque stripper company possible. That can be, however, hindered by the fact that there seem to be a lot of Albuquerque stripper companies out there. Thankfully, we are here to guide you on your Albuquerque stripper hiring journey. You must be careful when using any Albuquerque stripper company to hire an Albuquerque stripper because you could get a less-than-sexy stripper delivered to your door! That would kill the mood of the Albuquerque bachelor party, Albuquerque birthday party, or Albuquerque night out! Your friends would be very disappointed at your Albuquerque party and you don’t want that on your conscience! Be sure you call the Albuquerque stripping company that you want to use to hire your Albuquerque strippers to be sure they even answer the phone! If your Albuquerque stripper company doesn’t answer the phone, that should be a red flag. Next, the Albuquerque female strippers should be sexy AND have personalities! You don’t want your Albuquerque stripper to show up to be disappointed that even though she looks like Beyoncé, she has the personality of a rock! Our Albuquerque strippers have the looks of Beyoncé AND the personality to go along with it! Finally, when you order a stripper in Albuquerque, you want it to be easy! You shouldn’t have to go through a 10-page questionnaire asking you about hiring a stripper in Albuquerque! Contact us for more information!

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