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The Bachelor Party Planning Checklist

Bachelor Party with Sexy Female Stripper

Never planned a bachelor party before? Here's your guide to make sure you give your groom and your guests an amazing time that won't come back to bit you! (or the groom)



  • Confirm the guest list with the groom; make sure all the right guys are on the e-mail chain.

  • Find a weekend that works for everyone. Lock it down.

  • Work with the groom to pick the location/activity.

  • Figure out the rough budget.

  • Ensure the other guys are cool with the budget.

  • Buy your airline ticket.

  • Hound the groomsmen until they buy their airlines tickets.

  • Book the hotel rooms.

  • Book the rental cars (if necessary).

  • Book the stripper (if necessary).

  • Research the right restaurants, bars, and strip clubs.

  • Arrange for designated driver or cabs.

  • Plan at least one physical/outdoor activity.

  • Ensure all the guys have hotel/meet-up instructions.

  • Chip in for the groom's expenses.

  • Purchase booze/cigars/snacks for the hotel room.

  • Bail the groom out of prison.


  • Ask the best man if he needs any help planning.

  • Book plane ticket.

  • Keep the groom from getting plastered.

  • Let the groom win at any game.

  • Chip in for the groom's expenses (excluding travel/hotel)

  • Buy the groom lapdances. (No less than 1, no more than 3)

  • Don't let the groom cheat.

  • Keep the mood upbeat. (No drama, no bitching.)

  • No conversations about girlfriends/wives/children.


  • Don't cheat on your fiancée.

  • Don't cheat on your fiancée.

  • Don't cheat on your fiancée.

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