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A Guide To The Best Colleges To Party

College parties are the wildest, most booze filled and exciting. You never know what may happen at one which is what makes it so exciting. Even if you are not enrolled in college, there is no rule saying that you can't party with them! College parties are crazy and fun but something that can add a flare to your college party is a female stripper! Hiring a female stripper for your college party will give everyone something to remember for the rest of their lives and is a very fun investment! College girls are great, but strippers bring it to a whole new level (you may even find that a lot of college girls are stripping to help pay for their college ;)). Here are some of the best colleges and towns to party (and to possibly hire that sexy female stripper)!

  1. Syracuse University - Syracuse, NY

  2. The University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, AL

  3. University of Delaware - Newark, DE

  4. West Virginia University - Morgantown, WV

  5. University of California - Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara, CA

  6. Colgate University - Hamilton, NY

  7. Wake Forest University - Winston-Salem, NC

  8. Bucknell University - Lewisburg, PA

You probably haven't even heard of a lot of the towns let alone the schools! It's okay, you can still hire a sexy stripper in Syracuse, Morgantown, Hamilton or Lewisburg! Visit one of these party schools the next time you get a chance and I guarantee you will be in for one hell of a ride.

PS. This list was found from the list of party schools at The Princeton Review. You can see a full list here: VIEW PARTY SCHOOL LIST BY CLICKING HERE!

Click here to hire a sexy female stripper for your bachelor party, graduation party, birthday party, or college party ;)

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